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Dashes Features




Key Benefits of the Dashes XT

  •  Allows you to insert discretionary hyphens into a selection of text, the current text box, or the complete document.
  • When inserting hyphens, the Auto Hyphenation Rules that you specify from within QuarkXPress (Edit H&Js). are fully obeyed.
  • Allows you to remove discretionary hyphens from a selection of text, the current text box, or the complete document.
  •  If you are unhappy with the way the XTension hyphenates a word, you can enter it into your own Dashes exception dictionary.
  • Each Dashes hyphen has a stylistic ranking associated with it, this allows you to exclude hyphens that are not up to the stylistic quality you specify.
  • Allows you to import and export hyphenation exception lists into and out of the XTension.
  • Will correctly hyphenate words that contain ligatures.
  • All the hyphens inserted are stored as discretionary hyphens within the document, thus the document will not reflow due to hyphenation exceptions, when opened or printed on another machine.

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