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SpellBound Features




The SpellBound XTension provides the following features not found in the internal QuarkXPress spell checker.

  • Allows multiple auxiliary dictionaries (Up to five ) to be open at any one time.
    Provides for an Exception dictionary. This is useful if you wish to implement house styles to ensure words are always spelt in a certain manner, e.g., disk instead of disc.
  • Detects capitalisation errors i.e., will flag a word such as Òmexico Ó as wrong, and correctly suggest ‘Mexico’.
  • Uses a comprehensive phonetically based algorithm, when looking for alternative spellings to words.
  • Has a more precise definition of word boundaries. This allows you to spell check words such as Ph.D. and QuarkXPress®.
  • Allows you to use the spell checker as a 'Guesser', you may interactively type in your guess and do a ‘Lookup’ on this. This same feature allows you to highlight portions of compound words and get spelling suggestions on the constituent words.
  • Distinguishes between words with the same spelling but different capitalisation. When replacing a misspelled word, you may chose only to replace words with the same capitalisation as the present word, or all occurrences.
  • Gives you the choice of ‘casting’ capitalisation of the replacement word to that of the original or not.
  • Allows you to edit any of the open auxiliary or exception dictionaries, while doing a spell check.
  • Allows you to enter non alphabetic characters into the auxiliary or exception dictionaries. Note. If nonstandard characters are entered into an English auxiliary dictionary, then this dictionary cannot be used with the Internal QuarkXPress Spell checker.
  • Will spell check words that contain fi or fl ligatures
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