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Cultural Literacy




SpellBound Cultural Literacy Dictionary 

In this fast-paced information age, how can people know what’s really important and what’s just a passing fashion? Now more than ever, we need a source that concisely sums up the knowledge that matters  - the people, places, ideas, and events that shape our cultural conversation. 

With more than nearly 7,000 entries on every major area of knowledge, including science, technology politics, business, history, and literature, The SpellBound Cultural Literacy dictionary is that invaluable source. Wireless technology. Gene therapy. NAFTA. In addition to the thousands of terms described in the original Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, there are more than 500 new entries to bring the’ bank of essential knowledge up to date. The original entries have been fully revised to reflect recent changes in world history and politics, literature, and, especially, science and technology. Cultural icons that have stood the test of time (Odysseus, Leaves of Grass, Cleopatra, the Taj Mahal, D-day) appear alongside entries on such varied concerns as cryptography, the digital divide, the European Union, Kwanzaa, pheromones, SPAM, type A and type B personalities, Web browsers, and much, much more. As our world becomes more global and interconnected, it grows smaller through the terms and touchstones that unite us.



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